FOSHAN LONGSHEN ROBOTICS LTD. , founded in 2013, is a professional enterprise engaged in industrial robot system integration, non-standard automation equipment and whole line design and manufacture, robot body, controller development and intelligent manufacturing services. The company is located in 17 Shunlianzhi Hui-building sites in Chencun Town, Shunde District, with nearly 300 employees, including 150 technical research and development personnel, all of whom have rich experience in the field of robotic integration.

FOSHAN LONGSHEN ROBOTICS LTD.  takes "Robot Expert beside you" as its responsibility, focusing on automation integrated system, CCD vision system, MES software system, robot ontology (autonomous CAPEK Kopeck brand), robot education system and other fields, and is committed to providing customers with complete robotic systems and overall automation solutions. The company focuses on large-scale household appliances, automotive and automotive parts, education, 3C and new energy industries. Robot systems developed are widely used in stamping, injection molding, painting, welding, assembly, inspection, palletizing and other processes, with customers all over the country.

FOSHAN LONGSHEN ROBOTICS LTD.  is an S-level agent of Kawasaki Robot in China, and also a strategic cooperative agent of KUKA, ABB in Switzerland and Fanaco in Japan. It has sold more than 5,000 application robots in 4 years.

After six years of rapid development, the company has set up subsidiaries in Dongguan, Wuhu, Changsha and Shiyan, and in Shanghai, Ningbo and Wuhan. Longshen Robot will make full use of the support policy of the state to the intelligent manufacturing industry, seize the opportunity of the industry development from manufacturing industry to "intelligent manufacturing" transformation and upgrading, use the strength of the superior company and the capital market, combine their own advantages, rapidly expand the market share, establish the company's image and reputation, and use five years to build Longshen Robot into a star enterprise of intelligent equipment in China. Industry.